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Diversity Equality Inclusion - October 27, 2023

Global Diversity Awareness Month

by Jeanne Hobbs

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month. Since 2004, we take this time to celebrate what makes us diverse and unique, and how these differences can have a positive impact in our work, neighborhoods and society in general. It’s also a time to reflect on how we can do better.

After World War II, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written. This landmark declaration led to an enumerated set of rights that we are all entitled to. The declaration states that we must respect everyone, regardless of our differences.

Why does diversity matter? Embracing diversity leads to a society that focuses on equality, thereby minimizing discrimination and prejudice. As the world around us continues to evolve, we will invariably meet and work with people who have different backgrounds and cultures. We need to embrace these differences as positive forces that bring more perspective.

As an organization, we at Goodwin Living support diversity and inclusion for residents, members, loved ones, clients, team members, visitors and others associated with Goodwin Living. Our goal is to provide fair treatment to all and provide opportunities for individual success. At Goodwin Living, we strive to be a place of welcoming and belonging. This journey begins with recognizing that we are all different, and that we need to learn more about those around us so that everyone feels included.

What can you do to celebrate Global Diversity Awareness?

  1. Connect with your co-workers! Reach out to other team members whom you don’t know. Sit together at lunch and start a conversation to get to know them. Ask them to share some of their customs and traditions. Be curious, while also respectful!
  2. Read! Take time to learn about different cultures, races, religions and backgrounds. Search the internet using terms like diversity, equity and inclusion.
  3. Reflect on how you interact with others – are your words supportive? Is it possible you said something that could be offensive without realizing it?
  4. Follow the Platinum Rule! Treat people the way they want to be treated rather than the way you want to be treated.

Talk with a member of the DEI committee to learn what Goodwin Living is doing to be a place of welcome and belonging!


Goodwin Living DEI Committee: Statement of Purpose: Educate, Embrace, and Empower team members, residents, members* and all served by Goodwin Living to support Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.

Goodwin Living DEI Committee Desired Outcome: The Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Committee (DEI) will seek open and honest communication and collaboration that will inform and celebrate the age, culture, ethnicity and sexual orientation of team members, residents, members* and all served by Goodwin Living without bias. *Members include Priority Club members and Goodwin Living At Home.

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